Centrifugal Clutches

Go Kart Clutches & Clutch Maintenance
with Subaru engines available in many different PTO or crankshaft drive sizes we can supply both 3/4 & 1 inch bore shoe type centrifugal clutches with a range of engagement springs so you can tune your clutch to suit your driving style & the RPM engagement of your engine.
Noram GE Clutch
We stock the GE series noram 2 shoe clutch that is clutch that is used by Prokart & TEKA, both of these types of karts are used for endurance racing & the Noram GE fits the bill.The GE series Noram is available in #219 pitch with a tooth count of 15 tooth, 16 tooth & 20 tooth.the 15 tooth clutch uses a bushed sprocket where the 16 tooth & 20 tooth use a roller bearing.
We can supply a range of spare parts for the Noram ge clutches including replacement drums, clutch drum needle roller bearings, replacement clutch hubs, clutch drum retaining cir-clips & a range of engagement springs from the lightest through to heaviest.
Our experience has shown that the Inferno range of racing clutches are a great clutch for both dirt & bitumen racing on Subaru engines.
The inferno is also a good clutch to use on fun karts with a wide range of shoes, sprockets & springs available to alter engagement speeds
Inferno Fury Go Kart Racing Clutch
The Inferno Fury is supplied as pictured above, It can be fitted with 35 Pitch or 219 Pitch sprocket the heavier style shoes make it able to be set up for a very low engagement depending on springs used.
Inferno Flame Go Kart Racing Clutch
The Flame offers the same tun ability as all inferno clutches while the shoes are lighter than the fury shoe it has integrated cleaning grooves & are still around 20 grams heavier than the blaze shoe.
Inferno Blaze Go Kart Racing Clutch
Ehile the Blaze has the lightest weight shoe in the range it has 3 positions to add extra weight to each shoe. For very high engagement the springs can be doubled up to give a very high engagement for highly modified engines.The Blaze will accept both #219 or #35 pitch sprockets.
Inferno 1 inch bore racing clutch suits EX27 with larger 1″ PTO drive engine
Currently only available in 17 tooth #35 pitch the 1 inch bore clutch is supplied with White springs but will accept other spring to change
engagement to fit the torque curve of your engine
The thrust washer is fitted on the centre hub to give clearance between the clutch drum & clutch hub.The washer is made from a high temperature material that can with stand high heat & being compressed under load
The clutch hub on a Noram GE clutch will accept both #35 pitch & #219 pitch clutch driver drums.There are some inferior copies of the Noram GE series clutch. We only sell genuine USA made Noram clutches & Genuine Noram replacement centrifugal spare parts & we do ship Worldwide from our Australian based warehouse.
Pointing at the clutch springs on a Noram GE clutch,With the springs change you can increase or decrease the spring tension to lower or raise the stall speed of your clutch.
Pictured the parts that are used in a Noram GE series centrifugal drum & shoe clutch.
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