Go Kart Engine Mounts

It is very important that when the engine is mounted to your chassis you consider the consequences if the engine is incorrectly mounted to the engine mount on you go kart frame.The Subaru engines uses the same engine block as the commercial EX series engine that is designed for industrial & commercial applications and the engine is designed to be mounted on a solid base or frame.With an engine mounted on a go kart there is an amount of flex & twist in the chassis that can transur to the engine block by simply driving your gokart through turns & shicanes hard acceloration & braking.Some owners may never expeariance the problem but as horse power is increased &  your gokart is driven harder there is a chance that the engine block can twist or warp that can have an effect on engine crank case alignment.
Pictures below show the best way to mount your 4 stroke subaru engine to your go kart.By mounting the engine this way you will minamise the negative affects & forces on your engine block.
Pictured is a Subaru KX21 Engine block. Engine block twist does not always happen but why take a chance. As the engine block is a re engineered commercial block that makes far more power than a standard commercial engine that is solid mounted.
Many gokart are supplied with the style of mount pictured below, you can see the contact area that the engine block has with this style mount.
With a chassis flexing as it corners hard, accelorates, twists as it hits the rummble strips is all transfered through the chassis back to your engine..
Aluminium mounting blocks made from a thick light weight material is best to use as a mounting to an engine base plate
cnc machined heavy duty light weight engine base plate manufactured by AussieSpeed
The best way to mount your engine to guard againts engine damage & block flex and possible engine failure.

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