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Go kart header pipe muffler & exhaust systems are a an area that is commonly over looked when it comes to modifying engines.Pipe diameters & pipe lengths are a major player when it comes to a purpose designed exhaust system. Short candy cane style pipes are good for oval track racing where upper RPM is used for the majority of the time.Road course type tracks where low RPM through to say 7000 RPM require a different type of pipe & muffler design for your engine to work efficiently over a wide rev range.

Standard factory style commercial 4 stroke mufflers need to meet emission & sound requirements to be used in commercial environments & as most factory 4 stroke engines use mechanical governor’s the engines are only ever designed to be used around 3600 RPM.So when a commercial engine is used in a go kart or racing application a little more thought needs to be put into it than just removing the governor.

We have tested many pipes & for Subaru EX17,EX21,KX21 & EX27 engine believe we have found a pipe & muffler that delivers power across a broad rpm range, keeps noise levels relatively low & is affordable.


Just cause its louder doesn’t mean its faster

how many times have you pulled up at the traffic lights & just as you take of heard this horrendous noise as a 6 cylinder Commodore with a very loud exhaust with a terrible exhaust note take off & sounds like its doing 100 mph & a little old lady goes driving past in her stock standard Magna & passes the noisy one & is still under the speed limit.When we hear a louder engine most people think its modified or a Harley Davidson to some of the Japanese super bikes, the jap super bikes are lightening fast & most are rather quite.So don’t get speed,exhaust noise & engine performance confused when buying or designing an exhaust system for your Subaru go kart, choose a pipe with a internal diameter & primary length that will perform in the RPM you use your Subaru go kart engine,choose a strong but light weight pipe with a fixed support brace back onto the engine of your go kart,has a head flange mounting plate that wont distort from the high temperature that exhausts can be subjected to.



Exhaust & Muffler Mounting

Many times & more so with dirt & off road karts we hear of problems of muffler & exhaust boxes breaking at welds & damaging cylinder head studs & threads.Many of these problems can be over come if exhaust header pipes & mufflers are securely mounted to the cylinder head or engine block & mufflers mounted to bumper bars or use with chassis mounts. Remember the dead weight of any thing is multiplied when pushed, pulled or driven at speed, a 3 foot long muffler hanging of a header pipe flying through the apex of a dirt or bitumen go kart track is heavier at speed so the stress put on the cylinder head exhaust studs is some what more than small square factory commercial 4 stroke mufflers with additional mounting bolts were designed to take.Muffler brackets mounted on the chassis at the correct height of the muffler with springs stretched across the cradle is a good secure way of mounting the muffler & taking the strain of the header pipe.We have found that the muffler mount when positioned towards the center of the muffler is far better than just supporting the end of the muffler closer to the opening.




We offer a universal muffler mounting kit shown above.Below shows how the muffler is mounted & supported to the rear bumper




The muffler mount installed allows for quick adjustment to get the correct angle & distance to support just about any go kart muffler




this universal mounting muffler bracket is commonly used on larger 2 stroke go kart mufflers.




Press bent header pipe brace is a standard feature on AussieSpeed 4 stroke power pipes




AussieSpeed Subaru KX21 go kart header pipes can be purchased as a kit or individually




AussieSpeed long mufflers have a stepped internal muffler pipe that extends the primary length of the header pipe to deliver power over a wide rpm range.Average decibel reading recorded is around 85 decibels at race speeds




a secure mounting point is used from the header pipe back onto the cylinder head on Aussiespeed 4 stroke Subaru power pipes & quick connect style connector makes for quick fitment & removal of AussieSpeed Gokart mufflers.


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