Subaru Robin EX27

Subaru EX27 9 horse power over head cam engine
The Subaru EX27 engine is a rated at 9HP out of the box & is a much larger engine that the EX13,EX17,EX21 & KX21 engines.The crankshaft PTO is 1 inch compared to the 3/4 shaft PTO of the smaller series engines.
The engine foot print is also larger & is along the same size as the bigger cubed Honda 390 & Briggs & Stratton model 20 engines.
The Subaru KX21 on the left & the EX27 on the right shows the physical difference in size between the 2 engines.
The EX27 standard out of the box looks like any other Subaru commercial engine.These engine void all warranty when modified like most other small engine manufacturers engines
the ex27 premium is fitted with a recoil starter, large fuel tank & engine mounted kill switch
The EX27 has an oil capacity of 1 litre
The factory exhaust & muffler box is designed to meet emissions & noise requirements rather than all out power.
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So in short if you are trying to decide on an ex27 compared to a kx21 it depends on your requirements & if you want to modify the engine or leave it standard. There are more performance parts available for the kx21 than the ex27 & there are a range of clutches to suit the 3/4 crankshaft engines compared to the 1 inch crankshaft that is used in the ex27